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CADplanners are leaders in Hospitality Floor Plan Software

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Because combining both the knowledge and experience of catering and event management with technical skills and importantly, understanding our clients requirements. At CADplanners we understand the needs of this industry more than anybody and we tailor solutions that work!

The Easiest to Use Floor Plan Software

When Microsoft Visio came onto the scene back in the 90’s there was nothing suitable for the industry which did not require in depth training and a lot of time to learn. Microsoft Visio is without doubt the most user friendly interface for managing space in a 2D and also 3D environment. It’s “smart shape” technology is way ahead of it’s competition not to mention the flexibility and customization options available. When CADplanners install a solution for a client, we also allow about 35 minutes training for competent use.  In addition, it is really that easy to use our software!


Some of our features

True Seating Capacaties Realised

From stadiums to super domes to restaurants, city halls and more! If you have a space then a CADplanners solution is the smart choice. Also planning is no longer a catch phrase but a necessity for today’s successful venue manager.

Function and Event Managers

At CADplanners we have developed automated solutions for both Event & Facilities Management. Furthermore, knowledge we have gained from industry partners has  therefore enabled us to bring more customization to meet the needs of our clients.


Floor Plan Layouts

We also create site & venue maps that are professional and accurate representations of your venue space. Whether you require a simple location map or a more detailed venue map complete with colour coded legends, elevations, toilets, fire, water and so on - we have you covered!

Visio Floor Plan Software

It is common for venue's to upgrade facilities or make modifications in the venue. Therefore, CADplanners can easily update these changes from either electronic Cad files, PDF documents or original hard copy Cad files. Changes such as


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