Seating Plans and Guest Lists

Simply drag and drop your customised shapes onto the plan of your venue to create precise event plans that are true to scale. The software is very easy to use and allows you and your staff to create event layouts within 90 seconds. Various types of capacity plans can be created e.g. dinner dance, banquet, theatre style and cocktail to show exactly what can fit in your venue. For outdoor areas, site plans are also setup to precise accuracy which allows you to use it for directional signage, outdoor plans, graphical detail.

Training to use our software usually only takes 30 minutes. Rest assured, our team will provide you with all the support and help you need to start creating your layouts.

Since the software is in Microsoft Visio, the interface is clean and simple to use. Anyone can use our software! If you do find that you need some assistance our team is always a click or phone call away.

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  1. admin
    What is the support available with your software
  2. Jay Laybutt
    Our support is unlimited.
  3. Jay Laybutt
    What is included
  4. Jay Laybutt
    Annual Software Support Services Inclusions • Floor plan functionality updates - Nil** • Public Liability Insurance ** • Professional Indemnity Insurance** • Architectural floor plan updates ** • Additional smart shapes ** • Training – Online ‘refresher’ training ** • Unlimited phone and remote login support for 12 months **