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As an event organiser we understand you would hold events in many typical and non-typical spaces around the country and would require access to a huge database of floor plans and the capability of producing plans from scratch for those non-typical venues…..

One event could be a corporate awards dinner & incentive programme and the next a country house wedding. Calling on multiple locations, unique spaces and the hundreds of venues around the country. Fortunately we have 3000 venues on file setup to exact scale and accuracy, here is a link to just 224 of them. http://cadplanners.com.au/our-clients
Corporate Dinner @ Hilton Hotel
You need to create a Corporate Dinner @ Hilton Hotel with specs below
160 pax dinner with cabaret style (front row) facing stage
Minimum 10 x 12m dance floor
Stage (8 x 4m) with steps
Mike & lectern
Drapes for back of stage
Push up lighting (DJ & photo booth)

Our CAD accurate plans allow fast and efficient layouts, showing the fitment of equipment to confirm guests fit comfortably within your chosen function area for the corporate dinner @ Hilton Hotel. A typical plan as mentioned above would take approx 5 minutes to produce. We teach you how to create beautiful, fast and accurate layouts. Should you need a venue, send us an email and our team will forward the template for your chosen venue.

Country House Wedding
We have another fantastic module where you can create your own unique space. We supply several templates along with typical shell design features, these include walls, doors, windows, balcony and other shell items etc. You would then create your own template by adding all the elements that make up the venue. It’s a great tool for event organisers who utilise many different venues and cannot obtain architectural plans, the event organiser would just need the basic measurements for the area/room. By using our creation tools you can simply create a generic plan of the venue.

Rosehill Racecourse Exhibition
Our database of site plans are setup to precise accuracy, this allows them to use it for outdoor plans and directional signage, again with precise scaled accuracy.
Grass Marquee Garden and the Grand Pavilion Level 2 including breakout areas South A & South B.
40 x (3m x 3m) Exhibitor booths for indoor Grand Pavilion
4 x (35m x 14m) marquees with outdoor cool rooms, electrical generators, trestle tables for registration
This plan must also be save as a Electroni CAD file to send to the AV company…… DONE!

Please keep in mind our software includes our Ticketing Module www.xTicket.com.au (xTicket was created specifically for a cost effective, independent ticketing solution)
This allows you to create an event and sell Tickets for the event, this could be a Christmas dinner through to exhibiters booking space for the exhibition.

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