CADplanners ‘Guest seating’ module takes the dynamic shapes and reporting to that next level. This module allows the user the flexibility to allocate people to seats to ultimately print guest lists and other guest details. These reports can include a guest list by Surname and/or guest list by table number etc.

The module uses the ‘drag and drop’ method to drag people shapes to a chair on a particular table or simply import a spreadsheet. From here, you can also ‘right click’ that person shape and add/choose various options for that person. ie is this person Vegetarian, is this person a child, do they require a high chair? etc. All these options can then be reported on so setup and waiter crews can easily identify these special requirements.
The module is a brilliant tool and saves plenty of labour with double entry on guest lists.

Guest Reporting
When the guests have been allocated to seats, the user can then print the guest list reports. The most common reports include alphabetical guest list by surname (for service staff to greet guest and direct to their table) + guest list by Table number. You can also include any other detail about the guest from that has been collected through the Guest properties. These reports are already setup and can be dragged and dropped on the drawing.

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