CADplanners Creating Maximum Capacity Charts

CADplanners can also assist you with creating maximum capacity plans for Banquet, Theatre, Cabaret etc style plans to determine your venues true seating capacity.
Since 1998 and over 1000 clients, we specialise in space management and can certainly show “exactly what you see is what will fit”. Accurate function plans are also an important of your marketing material for both sales kits and adding to your website.

CADplanners floor plan software will allow you and your staff to create accurate floor plans by simply dragging and dropping tables, chairs, stages, dance floors, lighting trussed etc, any moveable object that the user wishes to show on the plan. The software is simple to use, and users can create full function plans with approx 30 minutes training .If you work with lighting and AV companies, you can save your floor plan as a CAD file (dwg or dxf file) as well
Another great feature of this system is the power of layers. Layers can be used to show other technical components of the function space such as power outlets, lighting trusses, AV equipment, room partitions etc, these layers can be shown/hidden depending on who may require to view these components.

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