Vector Scaled Site Plans

Cadplanners offer high / low res aerial photography and schematic mapping service .... The graphic enhanced detail highlights the location of facilities and gives your customers a better understanding of your venues layout. Direct hyper links to each Visio plan and satellite imagery may also be available which can reduce photography costs. Aerial Imagery has been an expesive process in the past ... not any more with the advent of highly sufisticated digital cameras combined with radio controlled aircraft. Our pilot can take of from small areas and fly at altitudes that give absolute clarity for site detail never seen before. For large spaces we use specialised stiching software to seamlessly create a larger image maintaing the detail of low level photography. The resultant image can be an excellent starting point for a site map or you may wish to feature it on your wall for public display or administration use. . .CADplanners create site & venue maps that are effective and accurate representations of your venue space. Whether you require a simple plan view location map or a more detailed venue map complete with colour coded Legends,elevations, toilets,fire, water, electrical, exits etc

Schematic site maps are developed from either accurate survey maps or aerial imagery or both. Often it is an advantage to have both particularly if The schematic maps requires defined points for services (power, water etc), public amenities, fire hydrants, Emergency exits etc. Schematic site maps have a multitude of uses including directional signage and as a starting plan for your visio solution hyperlinking to all your function locations at the click of a mouse. Where accuracy of services is essential, GPS positioning can be included with co-ordinates viewed on mouse over and as text on a layer. Where no survey maps exist showing services, we offer a GPS on site measure-up if required. Schematic maps are easy to understand for those not familiar with survey maps. Each site is quoted separatey based on your requirements.

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